How To Create Effective Videos

Jeremy Williamson BS, Communications Over twenty years ago, Jeremy Williamson aka "JMIAH" began as a youth speaker. Through that time, he became a TV show co-host for five seasons, a multiple time top-placing national fitness model competitor, a published model, an actor on a few national tv shows/commercials, a life/career coach, branding specialist, video producer, and finally after all the years of hiding his music abilities, now a recording artist too. Jmiah is a highly sought after national speaker frequently speaking across the nation in public schools, universities, conferences and all sorts of events. With over 20 years experience in public speaking, he knows his purpose is to simple UPLIFT people with his words. What got him in trouble most of the time throughout his school years, actually became his greatest asset... his MOUTH.

Video Production is basically Story-telling. Using it effectively is how people will want to see & hear your story. Watching and hearing your story will make them familiar with you and spark interest in your products and/or services. Being familiar with and interested in your products/services can be the determining factor of them buying from you and/or hiring you. HOW to produce videos regardless of budget takes creative thinking, using what you might already have or can get at a decent price, and doing what BIG producers do yet on a smaller scale for the same purpose... TELL YOUR STORY, MAKE YOUR MONEY, and LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER DOING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


  • To teach people the history behind marketing.
  • How video works in marketing.
  • Understand the video production process in video marketing
  • What you need to accomplish video creation
  • Using the current tools you have in creating videos for marketing
  • How to effectively film, edit, and post videos for multiple marketing
  • channels (socials & website)