Dominique Groom | April 18, 2017

Is DOMS Cramping Your Client’s Style?

DOMS is also known as delayed onset muscle soreness. At some point, your clients will experience it and this may put a damper on your training plans and their success. Here’s all you need to know about DOMS and how to help your clients cope.

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Dr. Fred Hatfield | April 13, 2017

How to Train with Intensity

In every gym where you've worked out, you have probably seen the ugly grimaces of bodybuilders engaged in what looks like maximum effort under heavy iron.

If you could look into the minds of these bodybuilders, you could find out if they were truly involved in high-intensity training because...

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Dean Spiros | April 6, 2017

Jason Vaught - On Becoming a Personal Trainer and Business Owner

Jason Vaught knows what it takes to make a change, and BE the change. Transforming his own body through research and practice, he pursued an ISSA education to learn the science behind his transformation and to start a business helping others. Jason found his real passion helping people discover the deeper meaning behind their desired transformation and now coaches clients in behavioral nutrition.

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People with Seizures Can Train: Here’s How to Do it Safely

Getting fit at the gym and working with a trainer should not be limited to people who have no health issues. Everyone can work out and should work out, right? What about people who are prone to having seizures. These can be dangerous, especially in a crowded gym full of people and equipment. As trainers, we accommodate all of our clients’ special needs. Here’s how to work safely with an epileptic client.

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Camy Kennedy | March 28, 2017

Why You Should Choose Intensity over Duration

Do your clients understand that less is more according to the latest research science? Do they know that pounding it out for hours on the treadmill is not the most effective way to burn calories and build muscle? If your clients want results fast, you need to convince them to ditch the extra workouts and stick to short, intense routines. Here’s how to make your case.

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Alexander Van Houten | March 23, 2017

What everybody ought to know about exercise and growing connections in the brain

What are your training sessions doing to your client’s brain? Only good things research tells us.  According to sports science, the brain gets a workout every time we challenge our bodies. You can actually train your client’s brain to learn better and improve the willpower when training the body.

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Dr. LeRoy Perry | March 20, 2017

The Decompression Advantage

If you knew of an exercise that not only decompresses and strengthens your spine and back, but also increases the athletic performance of you and your clients, would you do it and recommend it?

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Josh Bryant | March 14, 2017

Jump on the BANDwagon

Here’s why you need to forget the naysayers and introduce your clients to the resistance band…

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Dean Spiros | March 10, 2017

What ISSA Certification means to Brian Theiss, the first ISSA Certified Trainer

Brian Theiss became the first ISSA certified trainer nearly 30 years ago, and since that time has distinguished himself the world over as a game changer in thousands of people’s lives.

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Jessica Franklin | March 7, 2017

4 Easy Steps for Creating a Family Fitness Plan

Fitness is hard, and making it a regular habit is challenging for most people, let alone families with busy schedules. If you really want to commit to health and fitness for your kids, you need to guide them and get active with them. Here, we give you the steps you need to craft a family fitness plan that will actually work for your family.

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