This ISSA Professor Served 27 Years in the US Army

This ISSA Professor Served 27 Years in the US Army

He Knows the Struggle and Respects and Admires the Tenacity of His Students

The ISSA has been distinguished as a Top 10 Military Friendly School, a responsibility we hold in highest regard. But it isn’t just an award that we earn, it’s a service that we are privileged to provide to our country’s heroes.

Bob Rollins is a 27-year Veteran of the US Army. You could call him Sergeant Major, but as a student in one of his classes, “Professor” will suffice.

If you’re lucky enough to land in one of his classes, don’t think it’s going to be easy. Although Mr. Rollins understands the struggles of military life, he also expects his students to demonstrate the discipline he knows they have learned through military service.

In Bob’s opinion, our esteemed students don’t disappoint.

“Being an online learner is very challenging and I am constantly in awe of the students' commitment to themselves, their families and their clients. Our students are simply the best. They are making a huge impact on the lives of others. I admire them.”

A Valuable Asset

Mr. Rollins has quite an impressive background and is a valuable member of the ISSA faculty.

While in the military, he was an Army Master Fitness Trainer, working with special forces soldiers. He knows the ins and outs of strength and conditioning and can create some insanely intense workouts, but he also knows the finer points of program design for the elderly and those recovering from physical trauma.

He has an MBA in project management, which he earned as an adult. Of this experience, he says, “I know how hard it is.”

Indeed he does.

Mr. Rollins joined the ISSA College of Exercise Science as a transfer student and successfully completed his Exercise Science degree...with flying colors.

If you are enrolled in our Exercise Science degree program, you might have Mr. Rollins as your professor for Business and Management Principles, Business Ethics and Law, or one of our certificate courses, Specialist in Strength and Conditioning or Specialist in Senior Fitness.

Why the ISSA?

Mr. Rollins received his personal training certification through another organization but says he never received feedback on any of his work. Of his student experience with the ISSA he says, “The interaction between the student and instructor is invaluable.”

As a student, Bob noted how dedicated the ISSA instructors were to his success. He said, “they provided good insights and feedback and were attentive to my needs.”

If you’re still deciding whether you want to continue your education with the ISSA, here’s what Bob has to say...

“Being ISSA certified means that you have taken the challenge to stay abreast of the science of fitness. It means that you have accepted the responsibility of professionalism and commitment to your clients.”

That’s a tall order, but if you’re ready to take on the mantle, Bob says, “we will work hard on your behalf.”

On a Personal Note

He lives on the Central Coast of California with his wife, Barbara. They have two sons and are a very active family. He teaches indoor cycling classes and maintains a roster of 12-15 clients, many of whom are recovering from injuries or surgeries. Bob is also a certified Scuba instructor and enjoys vacationing at dive locations all around the world.

It seems he has a different definition of “retirement” than most and thank goodness. He is a fantastic role model to our students, of which we are sure you will agree.

  • Published on February 15, 2018
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