March 8, 2018

Sometimes a Little Push is All You Need

Laura Hughes is the successful owner of #Strong, a private fitness studio in New Braunfels, Texas. After struggling with her own weight and fitness, Laura relied on the guidance and mentorship of several dedicated trainers, including a coach that got her into powerlifting and then becoming certified with the ISSA.

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Alexander Van Houten | March 6, 2018

This HOT Diet Trend is NOT Recommended for Women!

So what’s with this fasting thing. Should I be doing it?  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked this question this year, I’d be able to buy enough bacon to feed all the fasted cardio people on the step mills. 

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March 1, 2018

Rebuilding the Confidence and Self-Esteem of My Client

Alexa Soloman left the gym and a verbally abusive coach after ten years of suffering for the sake of success. Then ISSA certified trainer, Ronny Camacho, became Alexa’s mentor and conditioning coach. His goals: rebuild her confidence and reignite the fire that had been smothered at her previous gym. Her lowest low became an opportunity for the start of a new chapter!

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February 27, 2018

Meet ISSA Trainer ‘Lady Hammer’

Stephanie Hammermeister, a certified ISSA trainer, is competing in the 30th Anniversary Arnold Sports Festival. This is her second invitation to the event after having entered the world of professional figure competition just a few years ago. Regarding prepping for the show, she's got a balanced approach and long-game mindset to making each hard decision work to her advantage.

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February 22, 2018

John Rahn - Believe and Impact Lives!

By getting his accredited certifications through the ISSA, John Rahn hung the certificates on the wall in the garage so that when people came down, it showed credibility and that he is a reputable fitness professional.   Today, his gym is the top spot in the area for young athletes.

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Paul Hovan Jr. | February 21, 2018

Building Muscle Simplified: Not as Complicated as you Think

Are your clients begging you to help them get bigger, more muscular arms? Do you have a client that has plateaued in his efforts to bulk up? You can help your clients achieve their goals, but there are no quick fixes, only the facts, backed by research.

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February 15, 2018

This ISSA Professor Served 27 Years in the US Army

The ISSA has been distinguished as a Top 10 Military Friendly School, a responsibility we hold in highest regard. But it isn’t just an award that we earn, it’s a service that we are privileged to provide to our country’s heroes. Bob Rollins is a 27-year Veteran of the US Army. You could call him Sergeant Major, but as a student in one of his classes, “Professor” will suffice.

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Olga Fikotova Connolly | February 13, 2018

How an Olympian helped a college student overcome tough odds

What needs to be accomplished in health and fitness depends on teaching one another and learning from one another in a race for the prize of exchanging pessimism with optimism.  A student with a visible scoliosis curve asked Olga to help her. Her previous experience of wearing a brace proved unsuccessful and subsequent surgery recommendations frightened her so she sought out another way.

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Dean Spiros | February 8, 2018

How a Five-Time Olympian Became a Personal Trainer

At the age of 84, five-time Olympian Olga Connolly continues to study exercise and fitness and to share her expertise in her adopted country.

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Sara Fleming | February 6, 2018

From the 1984 Olympics to the Founding of the ISSA

The International Sports Sciences Association was the first organization to educate and certify personal trainers. What few people know is the motivation behind the development of this institution and the vision of its founders.  This is the story of the founding of the ISSA.

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