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Paul Hovan Jr. | August 10, 2016

Is Cardio Really the Secret to Fat Loss?

Is cardio really necessary to burn fat? What kind of cardio works best?

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Alexander Van Houten | July 19, 2016

4 Reasons Your Client Isn’t Losing Weight That No One is Talking About

You and your client have hit a wall. Weight loss just isn’t happening. What do you do? Before you let your client give up in frustration, consider these four weight loss roadblocks that not everyone knows about, not even most trainers.

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Sara Fleming | June 28, 2016

Kids in the Weight Room?

The benefits of strength training aren’t just for adults. Kids can safely lift to get stronger, to build self-esteem, and just to have fun while being active.

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Cameron Baker | June 15, 2016

Are Sit Ups Bad for You? The U.S. Military Seems to Think So…

Is the long reign of the sit-up finally over? Will the crunch be far behind? Here’s the latest scoop on why no one is doing sit-ups anymore, and why you and your clients should be crunching and planking to maximize core strength and minimize your waistline.

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Jennifer Sargent Byrd | May 31, 2016

What is Body Balance and Why Should You Care?

How do you work out clients for strength and avoid injury?  The secret is body balance!

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Paul Hovan Jr. | May 10, 2016

How Much is Too Much? Protein Myths Busted

You’ve heard that too much protein can be bad for your health, but is it true? Get the real answers, based on research.

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Sara Fleming | April 26, 2016

Get Over Your Fear of Strength Training and Get in the Weight Room

Weights aren’t just for meatheads.   As an exercise and health nut, you know the drill. A complete workout means cardio AND strength training. But how do you convince these people? Check out and share the 5 reasons and infographics with your clients to get them into the weight room!

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Dr. Fred Hatfield | April 18, 2016

What is the most important factor in workout success?

Football coaching legend Vince Lombardi is credited with the famous quote 'Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.'  Well, not only is the source of the quote misplaced, so, too, is the message.   So then what is the real message and bottom line?

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Christina Estrada | April 12, 2016

What Time of Day Will Maximize Your Workout?

You want to get the answer right, for yourself and everyone who turns to you for your expert advice. But, the research has been complicated and confusing. You probably have read a lot of blogs and articles that said working out in the morning is best.  Those articles are mostly wrong!

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Alex Hoffmann | March 29, 2016

Do Cardio and Strength Training Actually Work Against Each Other?

Resistance training is the key to strength, and aerobic training is critical to cardiovascular health and is a preferred method to reduce body fat. Obviously we need to do both, right? Well, it turns out the answer to that question depends on you (or your clients’) goals. Numerous scientific studies show that aerobic training and resistance training at the same time might not always be the best choice.

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