August 16, 2018

Living strong and making the most of it

Autoimmune diseases can be debilitating and emotionally defeating. But that didn’t stop former IRONMAN athlete and fitness competitor Kelly Kolicko. Read her inspirational story and journey with ISSA trainers and reignite your motivation to be the healthy lifestyle influence to others.

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Dean Spiros | August 10, 2018

ISSA Success Stories with Robert Wilson

An interview with fitness expert and author Robert Wilson talks about happiness and purpose in far-away Saudi Arabia. Gone are the aimless days tinged by drugs and alcohol. The desire and need for change, along with a little good fortune, helped him become the person he always wanted to be, living successfully in an environment and a career he loves.

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August 2, 2018

Trading in Depression for Competitions

Fitness has been a core factor in all of my life seasons. It's given me the ability to fight disease, be at my optimal mental and physical health, and give me the confidence to leave an abusive relationship. If it wasn't for fitness, I'm not sure where I would be right now.

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Dean Spiros | July 31, 2018

Changing Lives Around the World as an Online Fitness Trainer

Nathan DeMetz is an ISSA certified trainer and now runs an online personal training and wellness business with his wife, Grace, from home in Indiana. He has clients around the world, including the U.S., Korea, Kuwait, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Read his fitness journey and comprehensive approach to fitness here!  

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June 27, 2018

What's Your Why? Meet Brenna Cliver

Meet Brenna Cliver, an ISSA certifed trainer, Ms. Health & Fitness competitor and rejector of mediocrity. "If there’s one piece of wisdom I could pass on to anyone who is hesitating in their journey towards strength and health, it is this: 'Action is not a result of motivation; motivation is a direct result of action.' And, excellence is always a standard to live by."

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Dean Spiros | June 26, 2018

Staying grounded as a career soars [Interview]

Personal trainer. Magazine columnist. TV host. Celebrity health and wellness coach. In this interview Obi Obadike talks about his widespread success in the fitness industry, and at 42 he’s poised for even greater success in the future. Through it all, he works every day to distinguish between making it big and “going Hollywood"

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June 11, 2018

What Clients Need: Keep going, You are almost there

I never knew where training would lead me. Only a couple years after a career transition into fitness, I helped more than 500 people lose 9,000 pounds. I launched a full dietary case-study where 6 of my clients completely transformed their health. I wrote over 20 books about my journey, my clients' stories, and the situations I faced throughout life and my training career.

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April 5, 2018

A Parent's Worst Nightmare Inspired Him to Become a Trainer

Last year, Joseph Jackson had back issues, numbness in his legs and couldn't sleep. He weighed 365 pounds. His doctor said that he was morbidly obese and suggested weight loss pills. He had little-to-no confidence and felt defeated when it came to finding a workout routine that fit him and that he could physically do. Follow how Joseph completely turned his life around and became an ISSA certified trainer.

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March 29, 2018

Meet Sandy. She has no patience for Parkinson's

At the ISSA there are as many reasons why people become personal trainers as there are personal trainers. What's your Why?  When Sandy was growing up, she saw the benefits of gaining the upper hand on the disease through fitness with her father and always wanted to become a Personal Trainer to work with Parkinson’s patients and also those with special needs.

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March 22, 2018

A Wake-up Call That Inspired a Transformation

How did I get here? That’s the question we all ask. In a “blink of an eye” we go from that young vibrant person ready for the world to a “less than healthy, less than skinny, not quite fit, taking a few minor prescription medications that everyone takes” person. We find ourselves looking in the mirror at a person we don’t even recognize.

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