Sara Fleming | October 31, 2017

Children and Olympic Weightlifting: An Interview with Mike McKenna

It’s hard to believe, but when you see the video of a child lifting up huge barbells in her gym and how serious she is about her training, it brings up a lot of questions.  Mike McKenna discuss these questions you may have.


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Elaine Lange | October 3, 2017

Learning by the Numbers: Age Appropriate Sports Development

A couple's experience in Egypt to work with the coaches and players of a youth soccer program with the purpose of the program of training young kids, but also to use sports as a bridge between communities and cultures.

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Sara Fleming | August 9, 2017

Kids, Fitness and Sports: A Call to Action for the Fitness Community

Kids need sports and fitness. Physical activity is so important for the physical, social, emotional, and even academic well-being of children, and yet too many of them are not getting access to appropriate fitness or sports opportunities. There is a lot of work to be done here, and we as professionals in the fitness industry have the power to make real change.

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Jessica Franklin | March 7, 2017

4 Easy Steps for Creating a Family Fitness Plan

Fitness is hard, and making it a regular habit is challenging for most people, let alone families with busy schedules. If you really want to commit to health and fitness for your kids, you need to guide them and get active with them. Here, we give you the steps you need to craft a family fitness plan that will actually work for your family.

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Sara Fleming | June 28, 2016

Kids in the Weight Room?

The benefits of strength training aren’t just for adults. Kids can safely lift to get stronger, to build self-esteem, and just to have fun while being active.

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Christina Klein | September 28, 2015

Kids and Strength Training: When Can They Start?

Kids can strength train.  And they can benefit from it.  Don’t stop reading this article until you’ve seen the science and learned the techniques to keep kids safe when you’re training them.

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Disa Hatfield | June 1, 2011

Strength Training for Children: A Review of Research Literature

Two of the most frequently asked questions about children and strength training are; “Is it safe for kids to lift weights?” And “At what age can kids start lifting weights?” The sad truth is, many doubts surround the safety and validity of weight training for children. Many would even have you believe that kids have no place at all in the weight room.

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