Dr. LeRoy Perry | March 20, 2017

The Decompression Advantage

If you knew of an exercise that not only decompresses and strengthens your spine and back, but also increases the athletic performance of you and your clients, would you do it and recommend it?

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Josh Bryant | March 14, 2017

Jump on the BANDwagon

Here’s why you need to forget the naysayers and introduce your clients to the resistance band…

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Dr. Fred Hatfield | September 7, 2016

STAND and DELIVER! The Lost Art and Science of Old School Weight Training

It may come as a surprise to even the most well-educated and experienced modern trainers, but the truth is that research tells us that old-school lifting is better and prevents more injuries than any weight machine.

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Christina Klein | March 1, 2016

Should You Recommend Foam Rolling Exercises For Your Client?

Have you seen people foam rolling in the gym before and wondered if this is just another fitness fad, or whether it's actually doing something?

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