Eric Brody | June 21, 2018

I’m a Certified Trainer, So Why Do I Need One?

It’s Scary to Admit, You May Need a Trainer. It takes some courage to hire a trainer when you are one. I personally was embarrassed by the idea. I went through all the courses; I got certified. Why do I need a trainer? And what if my trainer catches me with bad form? What if I can’t finish a tough workout?

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Nathan DeMetz | March 13, 2018

Online Training: Is It a Good Fit For You?

Online training is a training dynamic in which a client works with a trainer without physical proximity to that trainer. As a business—which is what you are whether you run a traditional business or freelance—you must consider the online presence of these training services and adjust your own business model to accommodate the desire of individuals to have online access to the goods and services they want.

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January 8, 2018

What Nutrition Advice Can a Personal Trainer Give?

Trainers are often asked by their clients to talk about exercise, nutrition, supplements, and more, yet they’re often unsure of what they should and shouldn’t talk about. As a qualified trainer, you likely possess a fundamental knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Given your choice of profession, you’ve likely committed yourself to doing what you can to help your clients improve their health, body composition, and performance.  

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Thomas Munck | December 18, 2017

7 Tips to Keep the Clients Coming Back

As personal trainers, our mission is to help clients achieve their goals. It’s a simple mission when you think about it, but how do we retain clients once we have helped them get to where they want to be? There are certain tools we can use to reassure our clients that we are always thinking about them, their results, and will commit to them long-term.

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Alexander Van Houten | July 10, 2017

Breaking Down Big Gym Pay

As a trainer or trainer-in-training, you have several options for working with clients, from home-based training to big box gyms. A lot of new trainers set their sights on those big gyms, hoping for the biggest payoff. Before you take that leap, let us show you what payment a big gym actually looks like.  Get all the information before making your next important career decision.

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Alexander Van Houten | June 16, 2017

Give the Gift of Fitness for Father’s Day

Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day this year? How about the gift of health, fitness, and no more Dad Bod? The gift of a personal trainer is a great idea and so thoughtful that your dad will truly be surprised. It’s not a gift to be chosen lightly, though. Everyone needs something different from a trainer, so let us show you how to pick out the perfect fitness professional for your dad so he gets the most out of his sessions.

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Christina Estrada | May 30, 2017

Q&A: Am I Too Old To Be A Personal Trainer?

I am a retired scientist, age 55, I recently graduated with a degree in exercise science and also have the Masters certification [Master Trainer] from ISSA as well, do you think I am too old to be a fitness trainer and to be taken seriously, do you think people will respond well since I am an old guy, I don't look my age at all and am in fantastic shape, however fitness trainers are usually half my age, thoughts?

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Sarah Parker | April 25, 2017

Outdoor Boot Camp 101

Outdoor boot camps are hot in fitness right now. Training clients want variety and many are drawn to the challenge of a boot camp and the promise of fresh air and sunshine. To jump on this trend, you need to do a lot of planning. Let our boot camp expert guide you through the process with this handy guide to everything you need to know before hosting your first outdoor boot camp class.

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November 1, 2016

I’m a Certified Trainer Now, So What Can I do to Get Hired?

You have your certification in hand; you are excited to get started and to get your first clients; you have been pounding the pavement and visiting all your local gyms; and yet you aren’t getting hired. What have you done wrong? Getting a job, even with the right certification, takes a little finesse.

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Alycia Darby | July 14, 2015

4 Steps to Stand Out From Other Personal Trainers on the Gym Floor

It seems there is an ongoing pressure for trainers to be excellent 'sales' professionals with less focus on their education and training expertise. Trainers are encouraged instead to spend more time connecting with gym members to 'pitch' their services, a skill that few trainers are prepared to employ.  While personal trainers are well versed in fitness and health expertise, they are rarely trained in sales, nor are they interested. This trend is happening nationwide. 

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