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Alex Van Houten is an ISSA certified personal trainer. He inherited a rare disorder called Ehler's Danlos wherein his body constantly struggles to maintain alignment without injury. Living in Colorado Springs with his wife and young son, Alex has spent much of his life learning how to condition his body to prevent and overcome injuries so he can continue doing what he loves. Currently he is proud to make an impact with his 13 years of fitness industry experience by creating a legacy of health and fitness for our kiddos with his business "Defining Dad Bod" and equipping and inspiring like-minded trainers through the production of online content for the International Sports Science Association.

Articles from Alexander Van Houten

Alexander Van Houten | June 15, 2018

Your Dad won't hire a trainer? Help him become one

Before we talk about your shopping spree, let’s make sure we’re clear on why your Dad needs a trainer. Did you know Mom’s body wasn’t the only one that went through some changes when you came into the world? You know what I’m talking about.

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Alexander Van Houten | March 6, 2018

This HOT Diet Trend is NOT Recommended for Women!

So what’s with this fasting thing. Should I be doing it?  If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been asked this question this year, I’d be able to buy enough bacon to feed all the fasted cardio people on the step mills. 

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Alexander Van Houten | September 19, 2017

Why You Need to Convince Your Senior Clients to Take up Meditation

Did you know that in less than ten minutes per day your older clients could significantly improve their training and results? The hard truth is that as we age our brain volume declines, particularly in the areas that guide motor functions. But, research is discovering that the simple act of meditating, for just a few minutes a day, could make all the difference, and actually turn back the clock.

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Alexander Van Houten | August 30, 2017

Why Everyone Should Be Counting Sugar and How to Help Your Clients Get Started

Counting added sugars in your foods is a simple, quick way to make real and lasting impacts on health, fitness, and weight. Help your clients realize just how insidious added sugar is, where it’s lurking, and just how much they really consume in a day. If you can get your clients to count and reduce their sugar intake, they will have an easy tool for making positive, healthy changes.

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Alexander Van Houten | July 18, 2017

Make Fitness an Easy Choice: 3 Tips to Help Clients Save Money and Get Fit

Healthy eating and healthy living does not have to cost a fortune. Sure, organic produce costs a lot more and junk food is so easy to pick up for almost nothing, but there are ways that you can help your client make health changes without breaking the bank. We have just three simple and inexpensive things that your clients can start doing right now that will change their lives and improve their health, almost immediately.

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Alexander Van Houten | July 10, 2017

Breaking Down Big Gym Pay

As a trainer or trainer-in-training, you have several options for working with clients, from home-based training to big box gyms. A lot of new trainers set their sights on those big gyms, hoping for the biggest payoff. Before you take that leap, let us show you what payment a big gym actually looks like.  Get all the information before making your next important career decision.

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Alexander Van Houten | June 16, 2017

Give the Gift of Fitness for Father’s Day

Not sure what to get Dad for Father’s Day this year? How about the gift of health, fitness, and no more Dad Bod? The gift of a personal trainer is a great idea and so thoughtful that your dad will truly be surprised. It’s not a gift to be chosen lightly, though. Everyone needs something different from a trainer, so let us show you how to pick out the perfect fitness professional for your dad so he gets the most out of his sessions.

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Alexander Van Houten | March 23, 2017

What everybody ought to know about exercise and growing connections in the brain

What are your training sessions doing to your client’s brain? Only good things research tells us.  According to sports science, the brain gets a workout every time we challenge our bodies. You can actually train your client’s brain to learn better and improve the willpower when training the body.

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Alexander Van Houten | July 19, 2016

4 Reasons Your Client Isn’t Losing Weight That No One is Talking About

You and your client have hit a wall. Weight loss just isn’t happening. What do you do? Before you let your client give up in frustration, consider these four weight loss roadblocks that not everyone knows about, not even most trainers.

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