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Christina Estrada is a stay-at-home-mom, entrepreneur, fitness junkie, book-lover, wannabe yogi, coffee snob and nature-lover. She teaches Youth Fitness Training and Senior Fitness at ISSA as well as coaches and trains families in five lifestyle areas: finances, nutrition, fitness, relationships, and community. With 15-years of experience coaching others, Christina has tested the strategies and tools that she helps others develop in their lives. With a spirit of discovery, Christina is always taking classes and keeps up with current research to better serve her students and clients.

Articles from Christina Estrada

Christina Estrada | June 22, 2018

How does Mindfulness Achieve Weight Loss?

The ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer course discusses nutritional coaching which is about personal trainers listening to their clients to find out the needs and goals; learning the client’s current lifestyle; discovering what’s important to them; and working alongside each client to create an approach that’s unique -- a plan that fits into their lifestyle and helps them achieve their results.

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Christina Estrada | January 23, 2018

How Do I Keep Clients Motivated?

How do I keep clients motivated? No matter how much I preach to them that they’ll lose weight and sometimes inches they just won’t hear me out I’m in my 5th month as a trainer.

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Christina Estrada | January 4, 2018

From the Chief Editor: Lessons from 2017

It’s important to review where we have been so that we can make intelligent decisions about where we want to go. This is true in both our professional and personal lives. We must take time to reflect on the past year; to identify mistakes and make corrections; to review the data and set goals; to decide whether our previous steps have set us on the right path, a different path, or the wrong path.

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Christina Estrada | September 26, 2017

Are you having trouble getting or keeping moms in the gym?

Moms are selfless, taking care of everyone else before worrying about their own needs. But moms can only be their best for their families when they make their health a priority. However mom's fitness tends to fall last on her to-do list. As an ISSA Personal Trainer, you can change that. In this article, learn how to get to know the moms in your community and motivate them to join you in the gym and make fitness a priority.

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Christina Estrada | June 27, 2017

Fit Mom: Inspired by Pregnancy, Now Inspiring Others As Personal Trainer

As a follow up to our popular story on motivating postpartum clients, we talk to a fitness pro who rocked the world with her viral video showing that you can—and should—stay fit during pregnancy. Find out how she managed to work out every day of her pregnancy, how she stayed in great shape, and how her baby inspired her to change her view of her own body.

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Christina Estrada | May 30, 2017

Q&A: Am I Too Old To Be A Personal Trainer?

I am a retired scientist, age 55, I recently graduated with a degree in exercise science and also have the Masters certification [Master Trainer] from ISSA as well, do you think I am too old to be a fitness trainer and to be taken seriously, do you think people will respond well since I am an old guy, I don't look my age at all and am in fantastic shape, however fitness trainers are usually half my age, thoughts?

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Christina Estrada | February 7, 2017

Heart Disease: How Exercise Can Prevent a Silent Killer

The biggest killer in the U.S. today is almost totally silent. You may not know if it’s sneaking up on you until it’s too late. Find out how regular exercise can counteract this silent killer and how a certified trainer can help hold you accountable as you work out to live a better, healthier, and longer life.

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Christina Estrada | November 28, 2016

How to Break Down Barriers to Fitness and Motivate Your Postpartum Client

New moms are under tremendous pressure to get fit after giving birth, to lose the baby weight, and to be skinny again. Instead of pushing a skinny body, the emphasis should be on health and fitness, for the benefit of mom and her baby. Learn how to motivate your postpartum clients with the facts about pregnancy weight, postpartum fitness, and healthy weight loss.

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Christina Estrada | April 12, 2016

What Time of Day Will Maximize Your Workout?

You want to get the answer right, for yourself and everyone who turns to you for your expert advice. But, the research has been complicated and confusing. You probably have read a lot of blogs and articles that said working out in the morning is best.  Those articles are mostly wrong!

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Christina Estrada | December 14, 2015

It’s not your fault that YOU DON’T KNOW SQUAT

A recent study surveyed 412 physical education and personal training students?  What they found out will shock you….Over half said they don’t know what proper squat form looks like!

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